Protect yourself against the loss or theft of your equipment.

Very simply.

A computer is stolen every 30 seconds in the world.
60% of all French people have already lost their smartphone.

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What is StopTrack?

Our simple and straightforward antitheft solution

Antitheft marking resistant to removal (400 kg of traction) installed on your equipment in just a few seconds

StopTrack is an antitheft device in the form of a permanent label that is installed on your electronic equipment: desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet...

The label is as easy to fix as a sticker and resists 400 kg of pull-off force thanks to a specifically developed glue.

Indelible marking makes the equipment unsellable

If despite everything, the StopTrack label is pulled off, an indelible, totally unfalsifiable marking appears. It contains all the essential information for tracing your equipment and indicates that it has been stolen. With this marking, it becomes unsellable.

Registration guaranteed for life on the central StopTrack file

The characteristics of your computer, tablet or smartphone are recorded on the central StopTrack file for life. These data are freely available exclusively to the police, gendarmerie and customs, which optimizes the efficiency of cross-checking and investigations to search for and identify stolen IT equipment. Once your equipment is found, it is returned to you free of charge within 48 hours anywhere in the world.

Why is StopTrack effective?

Great power implies great responsibilities

A dissuasive power:
Theft reduced by 80%

Antitheft marking discourages thefts. It identifies your equipment as stolen making it impossible to sell.

The owner
easily identified

The StopTrack label has a specific identification code so that its owner can be found quickly.

Returned within 48 hours free of charge
anywhere in the world

Your recovered equipment is sent to you free of charge thanks to our international FedEx partner.

40 million antitheft markings sold since 1989

1,000 customers have placed their trust in StopTrack

5 to 10 objects returned each day to their owner

Customized solutions for professionals

To meet all your company’s needs

Totally customizable

We can create a StopTrack antitheft label that corresponds to your company: your logo, text, color, size, shape... This antitheft label can also include a bar code, QR code or RFID chip for faster identification of your equipment.

Sequential numbers and bar codes can also be parameterized to facilitate management of IT equipment.

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Buy your Dell and HP computers with protection already installed at the factory

Take advantage of the incorporation of StopTrack directly at the factory thanks to our manufacturing partners Dell and HP. You can receive your computers already marked and referenced in your StopTrack customer account. Contact our teams to discover how.

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Manage all your Dell and HP equipment. It’s easy and free.

Our main manufacturing partners have created dedicated Internet site to help you easily manage all your computers produced and marked at their factories.

Our manufacturing partners

A patented, international and unique marking

The StopTrack antitheft system is unique and patents have been filed throughout the world. Even today, StopTrack is the only IT equipment antitheft system of this type. Its recognized effectiveness places it as the worldwide leader of protection for your laptop or tablet.

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Customers testimonials

Every day, StopTrack finds your equipment everywhere in the world

They put their trust in StopTrack

We accompany the most prestigious companies.

At the origin of StopTrack

Creativity serving the security of your computer equipment

A simple and ingenious system

Thinking about a powerful and effective way to protect computer equipment against theft, led the Oxygen company to create the StopTrack antitheft label, a revolutionary antitheft system that combines prevention and protection and that leaves an indelible marking on the computer if someone attempts to pull the label off.

Founded by Christophe Latour and Frédérick Philips in 1989, Oxygen is a company that, through the efficacy of its computer antitheft system and its many international patents, is present in 28 countries, which makes it the world leader in computer equipment protection.

Since its creation, the Oxygen company has continuously innovated to ensure the tranquility of its customers and the security of their computer equipment. Today, it is partnered with the most prestigious computer manufacturers and protects over 40 million products throughout the world.


Do you have a question? We already have the answer!

  • What happens if someone pulls off the label?

    An antitheft marking embedded in the equipment indicates that it has been stolen making it unsellable. It concentrates all the information enabling the owner to be easily identified.

  • If my material is lost or stolen, what should I do?

    You must declare the loss or theft of your equipment on the dedicated space. In this way, it will be easily identified as belonging to you if it is found by the police or customs. Declare my equipment lost or stolen.

  • Do I have to pay for a subscription to benefit from the StopTrack service?

    All the StopTrack services are included in the sale price. There aren’t any bad surprises. Registering on the StopTrack central file is guaranteed for life as well as the return of your equipment within 48 hours anywhere in the world.

  • I have specific needs. To what point can the label be personalized?

    The label can be completely personalized: color, shape, logo, wording. You can add a bar code, a QR code or an RFID chip. Sequential numbers or bar codes can be parameterized.

  • I want to protect my equipment with StopTrack, what do I need to do?

    There are so many personalization possibilities that no two labels are alike. Contact our teams so that they can guide you to the solution best adapted to your needs. Contact us now!

  • I have a lot of new equipment to order and I’d like to have the StopTrack labels already on them. Can this be done?

    We work with the manufacturing partners Dell and HP that can affix your personalized markings when your computers are produced at the factory. Contact our teams for more information.

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Would you like to benefit from StopTrack protection?

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